Where is your wife?

Had breakfast in the Dubai Marina with a Turkish colleague. I took a taxi back to the area where my hotel is. The taxi driver was a man in his mid 40s from Bangladesh.

After 30 seconds, the conversations went something like this:

Taxi driver: Where is your wife?

Me: Ehrm, I’m not married.

Taxi driver: Ooh, marriage is great. You should get married!

Me: Maybe in five years’ time or something like that.

Taxi driver: Where are you from?

Me: Sweden.

Taxi driver: You don’t look Swedish?

Me: No, I was born in Sri Lanka, but adopted etc. Are you married?

Taxi driver: Yes, I’m married. My wife is in Bangladesh. But I hope to go to Britain. Marry a British woman. One wife in Bangladesh, one in the UK. I meet women here that say come with me, but I want to choose one myself.

Then uses language that is quite ‘colourful’ and not too flattering about British women. It ends with him buying me a cup of tea, and then driving away to find a new customer to entertain.


What do you think about the above? Did I get the facts wrong? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to leave a comment..

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