Winter is Coming

I should just give up making promises of regular blogging. So here the new vow is – I intend to blog irregularly. Whenever I feel like it… (which may not be very often).

I have worked a lot in Sweden this year and it has been exciting being in Stockholm through the build up to September’s General Election. Sweden got a new government, and whether they will be any good – time will tell.

Sometimes I think about death too. Maybe it has got to do with the evenings coming earlier. October really is the month when the days are becoming noticeably shorter.

I wonder if death really is something negative. Not that I have any stress in finding out, but, you know, it could be anything between nothingness and an endless party.

As humans we are pretty good at filling in the blanks.

Well. Here’s to winter. And cake!


What do you think about the above? Did I get the facts wrong? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to leave a comment..

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